1. This is my life

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  2. jamesfrancobs:

    So we can start all over again

    Blur Music Videos - Coffee and Tv

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  3. I’ve got to…

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  4. just-the-way-you-arent:


    King of the jungle

    ok how can you not reblog this

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  5. I’m lost… 

  6. Frankenstein (1931)

    "You have created a monster, and it will destroy you!"

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  8. Patri by Lola Zehínos

  9. Go out with u?…

    Ehm… Let me think about it….

  10. And that’s me in a party…  :/

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  13. Wow… He looks scaried…

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  14. Baby otter


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  15. We know you like it!!